Into the world of E-Learning

E-learning, online learning, or remote learning. There are many names for this process and it has long been a big part of education and training. Simply speaking, e-learning enables people to learn using digital content on their electronic devices from their preferred places, without the need to be in the same room.

With every advancement in learning technologies, with every kbit faster we connect to the rest of the world, e-learning has gained more power. And there is no doubt that we live in the golden age of e-learning, with people from all around the world turning to it as a solution.

Who uses e-learning?

Anyone with access to the Internet can engage in online training. The beauty of e-learning is that there are no limits on what to teach or who to train. E-learning is more than just sharing a PowerPoint slide with your students, it enables you to prepare teaching modules for a group of learners or provide extensive training to your staff.

Whether you are a small company or a big international organization, you can utilize e-learning to fully train your personnel.You can benefit from the advantages of e-learning when preparing your employees for new roles or training newly hired staff.

How to use e-learning?

You can access e-learning solutions on your laptop, tablet, computer and even your smartphone. E-learning is possible on these devices but not limited to them. There are even some companies creating a safe virtual training experience using Virtual Reality technologies, training their staff without the risks of live training and extra cost. As long as you have a stable connection, education never stops. Using Learning Management Systems, companies are able to assign and manage teaching materials and assess the learning process of their trainees.

Types of documents

E-Learning isn’t limited to PowerPoint slides or Word documents; training is done using various materials such as videos, games, puzzles, quizzes, and visual aids. Since the courseware offers a diversity of teaching materials, the process of learning becomes effective for the student.

Depending on your courseware, you can guide your trainees through the learning process at a pace that is comfortable for them or follow a synchronized pattern. The benefits of e-learning are countless – it’s cost effective, easy-to-follow and time efficient. Given easy access to learning platforms for companies and users, e-learning doesn’t recognize geographical boundaries.

Localizing content

One of the advantages of e-learning is that you can literally be anywhere in the world and participate in a training without any difficulties other than the language barrier. With the help of experienced linguists in the field in question, creating the same learning experience in another language is possible.

To achieve the same learning experience, the courseware should be inspected thoroughly. The linguists need to be experts on both the teaching points and e-learning solutions. A comprehensive terminology study is needed to achieve coherence throughout the learning files.

Due to information growth and extended usage of different types of documents and media, every part of the courseware requires carefully selected language solutions. The textbooks and materials you use should be translated in an efficient way to transmit the information and capture any unique features of the context.

The visual aids, safety posters and slides need to be localized with the help of layout services to make the documents as effective and eye-catching as the source content to fully grab the attention of the target audience.

Quizzes and games involved in e-learning play a vital role in training your target audience. These activities help participants retain information and remain engaged. It is crucial to localize the content for the target culture, so that the trainees can actually enjoy the activities and learn the teaching points behind them.

With pre-recorded videos, companies can create a closer connection with their staff without having to hold a meeting. They can send welcome messages, share important news, or even provide classes via e-learning. In a multilingual company, messages might be perceived differently by speakers of other languages. Obtaining professional language solutions ensures that your international team understands all the necessary information correctly. Subtitling is an efficient and fast solution that helps you communicate smoothly with your international staff. Adjusting the size and the font while taking different language aspects into account, the information is efficiently translated using subtitling solutions. Everyone will hear your voice and understand your message perfectly.

Your e-learning software needs to be localized into target languages to match the user experience you offer in the source language. Without localizing the software properly, linguistic issues may arise and affect the learning experience. Professional software localization solutions are needed to prevent disruptions in the learning process.

With its countless benefits, e-learning has grown to become the right solution for many companies around the world. We offer you the right language solutions to facilitate your staff training process!