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Industry Expertise
After working more than a decade on the market,
we expanded our expertise in all directions

Whether your organization provides e-learning as a training for your global team or as an education tool for a group of strangers, Aspect is here to transmit your knowledge.

We inspect the courseware, identify the terminology, and translate the content for the target audience, including the audio and video material, to fully re-create the e-learning experience you offer in the target language. Let’s make access to learning easier!

  • Training Videos
  • Presentations
  • E-Books
  • Applications
  • Tests and examination material

An international audience will enjoy your products and services in their native language with our solutions. We offer localization and transcreation services for your content, subtitling for your videos, and layout services for your marketing materials; the right solution to achieve the best outcome possible.

Our experts work meticulously to create a culturally and linguistically adapted document. With our fast and reliable services, we meet deadlines so that you can launch your project anytime anywhere in the world!

  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Content
  • Marketing Materials
  • News

The nature of the ever-growing technology industry requires professional translators with solid expertise in terminology and the latest developments.

Without understanding the complex work behind the screens, translation of products and localization of software cannot be effective. Thanks to our professional team, which has solid experience not only in software localization but also working with complex file types, Aspect is here to help you change the world.

  • Software
  • Apps ’ Plugins
  • Internet Security
  • Technical Manuals
Life Sciences
Life Sciences

When mistranslation could lead to a life-or-death situation, it is vital to rely on a professional language service provider, as translation in life sciences requires precision, accuracy, and medical expertise.

From translation of clinical trials and medical reports to localization of healthcare software, you can rely on our expertise and skills. Our experienced linguists provide world-class medical document translation, taking care of all details and following industry standards.

  • Case Report Forms
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Instructions for Use, Labels
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Patient Leaflets
Need any of the above?

You work hard to create a new world that attracts gamers, from professional players to amateurs. With our localization services, we can recreate the atmosphere in the source language.

From localizing the character creation page to the end-credits, from the first “Hello“ in your game to the final scene, Aspect is here to help gamers dive into your reality.

  • In-game Texts
  • Internal Documents
  • Press Kits
  • Subtitles
  • Marketing Materials

When entering international markets with retail products, you need to translate a wide range of documents: from marketing materials to technical or legal documents.

Aspect offers tailored linguistic solutions according to your specific needs. When your product meets the customer, we make sure that the information about it is accurate and flawless for your target audience, taking into account cultural and market peculiarities.

  • Catalogs
  • Advertisements
  • Fashion Journals
  • Press Releases
  • Manuals

Manufacturing is one of the biggest industries in the world. Nowadays your supply chain, production and customers can easily be located in different parts of the world.

Aspect offers comprehensive linguistic solutions for your business that can help you cooperate with your contractors, sell your products to your customers and deal with governmental authorities.

  • Technical Certificates
  • Specifications
  • Manuals
  • Technical Standards
Need any of the above?

Money may not make the world go round, but it sure plays a huge role. Finance is one of the most dominant industries in the world. To truly translate extensive information in finance, our specialists offer you their expertise in various sub-domains of financial translation.

Be it an account statement, prospectus or annual report, our experienced linguists will provide world-class translation with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and careful check of every single figure.

  • Annual Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Business Analytics
  • Cryptocurrency Materials
Tourism & Leisure
Tourism & Leisure

Our skilled translators are ready to offer their expertise and solutions to you, if you want to attract new customers from around the world to your location.

People missed traveling during the Covid period and they are longing to visit undiscovered gems around the world; the only real border left is language. While offering your hospitality services, reach out to your clients in their native language!

  • Promotional Materials
  • Reviews
  • Tour Descriptions
  • Brochures
  • Travel Guides

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