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Post-editing leverages software programs to translate documents faster and more efficiently. “The machine” translates the document, using extensive translation memories that are gathered for your field.

Then, our team will evaluate the quality of the machine translation output and post-edit the document according to the quality standards you select.

Types of Services
Full Post-Editing
Full post-editing includes a post-editing step performed by one linguist, a revision step by a second linguist and a quality assurance step by our QC specialist.
The text will not only be understandable but will also be stylistically and textually appropriate for the target language. Full post-editing requires more correction on the editor side.
What types of documents are suitable for post-editing?

All types of documents are suitable for post-editing. However, different types of documents may require either full post-editing, or light post-editing.

For large HR policies, procedures or other internal business documents, light post-editing may be enough, because they are intended for fewer readers. However, highly visible content or documents for which the cost of error is high always require full post-editing.

Why aren’t people using machines to translate everything?

Machine translation is also a separate translation step, which requires time and adds costs. As we mentioned in the previous question, all types of content can be machine translated but the output quality varies.

For example, machine translated marketing content often requires re-translation from scratch. Thus, it takes more time, effort, and is more costly. There is also no need to machine translate small texts.

Our project managers will always advise you on which type of workflow suits your content and goals best.

Is machine translation secure?

This question is one of the most widely asked. Machine translation is not secure when you copy-paste your texts into free machine translation engines; in this case your text will be stored by that service for further use.

Machine translation is secure if you use a paid service. These companies have strict NDAs and they don’t use your data for their own purposes.

What are the advantages of post-editing?

The process is fast, secure and cost-effective, and at the end of the process you will obtain translated content that meets your quality requirements.

Case Study
A Post-Editing Solution
Aspect post-edited about 3,000,000 words for a software company localizing its product information to enter a new market.
Country USA
Established 1987
Company Size 201-500
Industry IT & Innovations

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