The energy BLACKOUT…

For years and years, we have cooperated with many clients from all over the world. On a daily basis, we receive orders for translation in languages such as Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, etc. However, our life changed drastically on February 24, 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. And just when it seemed Ukrainians had already experienced the worst horrors that the war could offer, it turned out that another blow was coming. The energy BLACKOUT

Living in the modern world, it is hard to even imagine that an entire country, the largest European country, could be submerged in darkness for more than 24 hours.

What does that mean in reality? It means that civilized people have to live as if it were the stone age: without electricity, without a water supply, without heating at home in -10°C weather… without electrical-based transport, streetlights, traffic control… without proper urgent medical assistance… Life slows down dramatically, and daily priorities change drastically!

However, the safe location of our IT infrastructure in a German data center and smart distribution of our team of project managers, QA engineers, technical experts, translators, IT specialists, account managers, and administrators across Poland, Germany, Turkey, Georgia, and Ukraine have enabled Aspect to continuously deliver the same high-quality work to an ever-growing number of clients worldwide.

Despite the blackout, Aspect has completed all its projects on time and within budget. I cannot say it was a piece of cake and we were ready for it. NO! You can have an emergency plan and be technically as well as organizationally prepared, but you can never be ready for a situation like this, at least mentally. War brings so much uncertainty and risks that go far beyond any risk management plan. Only mature and responsible people with a highly professional attitude and great organizational skills can find the light at the end of this uncertainty tunnel.

The workload was divided between members of the Aspect team who are living abroad. In the meantime, Ukrainian in-house professionals did their best to find electricity sources and Internet connections wherever they could: at gas stations, overloaded coworking areas, etc. to submit all their Ukrainian projects on time.

This is exactly what it means to be part of the Aspect team: facing every challenge and going the extra mile when needed to fulfill our obligations and make our clients happy!

Dear clients,
We all are very proud to serve you and to make “simple” translations look easy. Even in such tough times. It is our greatest honor to receive so many orders from you every day.
Thank you!