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Localization is a language solution that offers adaptation of the content to be used in a specific locale. To localize a book, website, video or game, linguists have to be not only fluent in both languages but also familiar with both cultures.

To make a true connection with your customers, they have to feel the spirit of your company.

Why is it important to localize
my software or website?
  1. Global research shows that people prefer to buy from websites in their native language.
  2. Your clients feel appreciated when you speak their language!
  3. With localized software, your clients don’t feel alienated.
Did you know that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in their native language?
Types of Services
Website Localization
When offering online solutions to your customers, presenting your website in your target audience’s language will help your message get through. We adapt, adjust, and translate your website to make sure your clients feel the same way about your brand regardless of their location.
What is the main goal of localization?

Localization is a complex process involving the adaptation of a product to the target market (or locale). You can localize almost everything: from a right-side steering wheel to recipes of national dishes. So, localization is usually aimed at adaptation of a product or service for a certain region.

So, localization is usually aimed at adaptation of a product or service to make it better suited to a certain region.

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Localization is a complex service consisting of several stages, from context creation to testing the final product.

Translation is only part of the localization process, but it’s not always required. You can adapt French content for many locales, such as Canada, France, Algeria, Belgium, etc. without it.

What are some examples of localization?

These could include changing the layout in social networks for languages with right to left script, changing measurement units, currencies, names of government and regulatory authorities or adapting visual elements in mobile applications.

What does “adapting the document culturally“ mean?

It means adapting the text according to the target location’s values, culture and even customs.

Case Study
A Subtitling Solution
Aspect provided a transport company with localization and subtitling solutions for a large library of video training materials.
Industry Transportation
Locations USA
Established 2017
Company Size 51-200

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