Aspect Reloaded, 10 years of constant development

We are celebrating a huge milestone, our 10-year anniversary!
Our journey started back in 2011 and with every year that passed we kept growing. We have excellent news to share!

But before we start, we have to say that 2021 hasn’t been kind to the people of Earth, being in and out of quarantines, working from our homes and trying to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

We have continued to offer our services during these uncertain times, working hard to transmit vital information on clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus. Helping medical professionals to be understood in different languages, transmit research findings to their international colleagues, and inform the public.

Expanding with 10 years of experience

Our team has grown over the last year, and we are happy to welcome our new team members on board! With the new talented individuals we have hired in the project management department, we have improved our production processes. With our new and extended marketing department, we are ready to access new markets and delighted to be able to work face to face with you.

Aspect is evolving every day, and we are happy to be part of it.

With a newly designed website, revamped social media accounts, and a larger team, we are ready more than ever!

Thank you for 10 years of loyalty. We hope to celebrate another decade with you!

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