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Transcreation Service

Currently, transcreation (or the process of creative/cultural adaptation of a text) is getting more and more popular. The interest in this type of translation service is growing due to globalization processes, the desire of large companies to enter the international market to promote their goods/services, etc.

So, what is the difference between transcreation and translation? The translator does not just translate the text as is, but also to some extent becomes the co-author of it, as sometimes in the result of transcreation the source text completely differs from the target. For this reason, copywriters are often involved in the process who are able to perform work at a high quality level.

It is important to correctly assign the task to the translator first, because the transcreation provides for conveying the message of the source text to a specific target audience. After being exposed to the message the primary target audience should respond to it, meaning that the message resonates with them. This is the main goal of transcreation, for which transformation and adaptation of the translation are used at all possible levels: meaning, style, and even the word order in the sentence are of great importance, because in the end all these should have an impact on the end user.

The key criterion for choosing a translator for this job is his/her excellent knowledge of both the source language and the mother tongue. Usually for this type of job native speakers are picked up who are knowledgeable in the specifics of national mentality, cultural and historical events, because in the texts there may appear some references to various facts that should be adapted accordingly.

Quite often, such texts use wordplay, mottoes, aphorisms, so it is important to be able to get the gist of such things in order to correctly interpret them into the final text, because the main thing is to convey the idea, meaning, mood, and main messages of the source text, rather than translate it literally.

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