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Software Translation & Localization Service

Release your software to international markets

In the highly competitive software market you need every advantage you can get. Accordingly, excellent user experience is a must. The UI/UX writers and designers put great effort into its creation, taking a lot of points into account. But when you decide to localize, you face the need to take the perfect balance they have achieved and recreate it in a different language – and for a different culture.

Ideally, this process is preceded by internalization, which is making the software suitable for localization without engineering changes. The degree to which the internalization is adopted during development may differ greatly across companies.

As the development itself, localization requires expertise and experience. And to get the best result, you need a reliable translation & localization partner. We are here to help whether you have prepared your software for local adaptation or only decided to localize after the main development phase had been completed.

Our Expertise in Software Localization

We offer professional translation & localization services trusted by global clients – leaders in their industries ranging from mobile devices and digital marketing to ERP systems and CNC machines. Our expert linguists on a regular basis handle high-visibility content displayed to millions of users and know how to make it perfect in the target language.

Our in-house expertise in software localization is formed by years of hands-on experience and best practices of leading international IT companies we adopt and improve.

We work with all major CAT tools and translation management systems, meaning that whatever you or your engineers prefer, from traditional MemoQ and SDL Passolo to smart Crowdin and Memsource, our company would readily use it and help you identify the best processes to reduce time and effort required for task management. If you have your own custom translation management system or CMS used for the purpose, we would be glad to leverage all its strengths, adding value to your processes.

If you need regular translations of small updates submitted after short sprints, we would be happy to negotiate a process that would streamline the continuous localization.

In addition to localizing, we offer linguistic testing services. They are performed to finalize the translations in context and ensure there are no truncations, misalignments or other issues with display and layout.

What Exactly Differs Software Translation from Localization?

Localizing software involves a lot of specific work. Here are some of the most widespread tasks:

  • Dealing with parameters and variations. Software strings often include parameters, or placeholders, which are replaced with specific values when the text is shown to the user. It is often the case that in a target language, due to grammatical agreement rules, seamless integration of the parameter in a sentence or phrase seems almost impossible. Yet, there are a lot of approaches and workarounds in the toolbox of an experienced linguist which help to find a way out of even the most complicated situations.
    Probably, the most widespread issue of this type is pluralization. Its rules and categories differ greatly across languages, so finding a good and cost-efficient way of dealing with it could be tricky. Just have a look at Unicode language plural rules to get an idea.
  • Solving cultural issues. Many UI/UX writers tend to use cultural conventions. They are almost hardwired and seem so natural that people just do not give a thought to the fact that in other regions and cultures these conventions do not exist or are related to completely different concepts and meanings. This could confuse the user of the localized software or even discourage them.
  • Using locale-specific formatting. The list of things having different formats in different countries is extremely long. Here are just a few examples:
    • Units of measurement
    • Numbers (decimal and thousands separators)
    • Telephone numbers
    • Postal addresses
    • Time and date
    • Currencies

    This is not to mention typographical conventions, sorting principles and other fine points.

  • Following length restrictions. In the UI the space is always limited. Given that the same text in different languages can vary in length by 15% and more, we pay special attention to keeping the target text concise and fluent as part of our software localization services.

Types оf Software We Localize

We work with various types of software including:

  • Desktop software for PC, Mac and Linux
  • Mobile apps for Android an iOS
  • Web apps and websites
  • Apps for wearables
  • Software for smart home devices
  • Software for manufacturing equipment and medical devices

We can also help you with all the related content, such as store descriptions, release notes, helps and knowledge centers, etc. Furthermore, our company specializes in marketing translation, so you can entrust us with translation of all your PR campaigns, social media posts and other communications.

In addition, we provide professional services in game localization. So if your app relies on gamification, you may rest assured that we will localize it engaging the best game industry experts.

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