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Glossary Creation & Maintenance

Make your documentation consistent

Every company has its own corporate style and commonly used terminology. It is vital for good communication with the customer to keep the consistency of the messages.

A lack of clear terminology and its translation can lead to misunderstandings both within the company and during interaction with its customers. In this case you will need your own corporate glossary.

A corporate glossary is a bilingual or multilingual dictionary of product-specific terms and their translation used in your company.

Each glossary is created individually for a specific customer.

Use of this glossary will help your staff create documentation that can be understood easily and is clear. Our linguists will translate it correctly with consistency into required languages.


  1. Creating a project scope, taking into account the following requirements: the target audience, number of terms, availability of additional materials and instructions, etc.
  2. Analysis of the text and creation of a list of term-candidates.
  3. Approval of this list by the customer.
  4. Translation of terms from the approved list into the required languages.
  5. Delivery of the glossary to the customer.

We can create glossaries containing the terms which you can use for translations, as an internal source of reference for creation of the documentation for customers and business partners.

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