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Patent Translation Service

Patents as we know them today date back to the 15th century when special decrees began to protect Venetian inventors against potential infringements. Since then complicated systems for intellectual property protection evolved across the world, but a patent is still valid only in the country where it is granted.

Although there are organizations such as the European Patent Office (EPO) which approve applications for multiple countries at once, you still need translations into their official languages. Here companies providing professional patent translation services come into play.

Our Expertise in Patent Translation

We have a vast pool of subject matter experts with relevant experience. Each of them has deep knowledge in his or her specialization field, so even the most complicated descriptions will be translated accurately and with no ambiguity introduced.

Furthermore, our linguists are well-versed in patent language which is quite specific and takes a long time to master. Each country has its own phrasing conventions and best practices, which should be followed in both patents originally created in the corresponding language and patent translations.

Tailored Scope and Approach

The purposes of translations in this domain are not limited to foreign patent filing. For example, our clients studying prior and competing art need patent translations for information. In this case the volume can be quite large and fast turnaround has priority.

Sometimes selective translation may be sufficient for such purposes. Just determine what specific part of the patents in question you need to study (such as claims or abstracts), and we will provide the translations.

Furthermore, we offer translation services for patent-related documentation such as office actions, reports, search results and correspondence with relevant authorities and organizations. Having all information related to your patent filing or prior art investigation translated by the same provider is key to consistency and ultimate accuracy.

Processes and Technology

Rigorous processes and workflows adopted by our translation services company further ensure consistent quality. Various procedures of quality control eliminate the possibility of human error. Following industry standards and best practices, we deliver professional translations for every order – be it a large set of documents or just one word.

A dedicated project manager will see that all your needs and requirements are taken into account. If you have some reference materials and need the translation to match them – from a device name to a claim wording – we will keep consistency with what was translated before.

We know that in some cases time is key. You may be sure that your patent translation will be delivered on time, even when the deadline is tight.

With state-of-the-art technology, we can offer ultimate quality combined with cost efficiency. Translation memories and term bases in CAT tools ensure:

  • Consistency between documents and projects to avoid even minor differences
  • Approved terms use to guarantee that a correct terminology is maintained throughout the project
  • Easy on-boarding of new team members to provide for project team scalability
  • Leveraging existing translations to save time and money

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