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Human Resources Translation Service

People are the most valuable asset of your company. Caring about them you care about your future performance.

Choose a translation company which is well positioned to ensure that both what you say and how you say it is exactly the same in each language you use.

Our Expertise in Human Resource Translation

We have extensive experience in translation of documents for multinational corporations and global organizations. Our expert linguists are well-versed in business communications, governance and compliance.

Human resource translation may require deep knowledge in the subject matter your business is related to. We provide professional translation services in a range of domains from medicine to engineering. This enables us to engage subject matter experts to use correct industry terminology and correct phrasing.

In addition to translating, our linguists will check your documents for any cultural issues that may call for adaptation. With substantial experience and skills in this area, they will manage to find a solution even for those problems that may seem hopeless at the first glance.

We will strictly follow your brand’s tone and communication guidelines. If you would like to develop a style guide or other guidelines for human resource translation, we are here to help.

Document Types

Here are some of the documents we translate:

  • Compliance documents. From policies on anti-money laundering and bribery to hospitality guidelines and code of conduct, we will help you make sure that your international partners and suppliers meet the necessary requirements.
  • Employee handbooks, instructions and guidelines. Onboarding and introduction to the company rules is an extremely important step. Clear and unambiguous wording coupled with terminology which is consistent throughout all the company documentation is a key to success.
  • Internal records and documentation, including forms and applications. Our translation services guarantee accuracy and consistency required for this information.
  • Internal communications, including newsletters, announcements and social media posts. We will put your message across through any medium from a regular corporate magazine to a tweet.
  • Training materials. Talent development is an essential part of a successful business. Whether you have extensive ongoing programs or an ad-hock training, we will help your employees, partners and contractors speaking foreign languages achieve excellent performance.
  • Reviews and assessments. From feedback in free form to highly formalized review processes, our translation company will help you understand strengths and weaknesses of each employee.
  • Occupational safety and health documents. Safety first. Care about your people with high-quality translations.
  • Policies and SOPs. To follow procedures, your employees need to understand them in full. We will ensure they are accurate, clear and unambiguous.
  • Websites and apps. We specialize in localization. Our expert linguists will help you make sure that your international clients can visit your website in their own language and your frontline workers are happy with your software tools.

Processes and Technology

Rigorous processes and workflows adopted by our company further ensure consistent quality. Various procedures of quality control eliminate the possibility of human error. Following industry standards and best practices, we deliver professional translations for every order – be it a large set of documents or just one word.

A dedicated project manager will see that all your needs and requirements are taken into account. If you have some reference materials and need the translation to match them – from a name in an ID to a chapter in a Code of Conduct – we will keep consistency with what was translated before.

We know that in some cases time is key. You may be sure that your human resources translation will be delivered on time, even when the deadline is tight.

With state-of-the-art technology, we can offer ultimate quality combined with cost efficiency. Translation memories and term bases in CAT tools ensure:

  • Consistency between documents and projects to avoid even minor differences
  • Approved terms use to guarantee that a correct terminology is maintained throughout the project
  • Easy on-boarding of new team members to provide for project team scalability
  • Leveraging existing translations to save time and money

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