24/02/2022 … Ukraine … War …

When 2021 ended, we thought that we had already experienced all the challenges that we had to face for the next 5 years, but no … a new crisis rang our doorbell … WAR!

We were warned by the US intelligent service several times about the potential invasion, and we did our best to prepare the business for potential crucial changes:
• all critical IT infrastructure together with client project-related information was relocated to Germany,
• we opened an additional branch in Antalya, Turkey,
• a plan B was created for the “God forbid it happens” scenario.

It seemed that everything was ready. However, we were not ready mentally and emotionally. In my opinion, this is an impossible situation to prepare for mentally.

I clearly remember that day, February 24, 2022. Against the background of horrifying explosions, we were waiting in the traffic to leave our native city, Kharkiv, and the PM team, who had at least a weak Internet connection, tried to communicate with clients and send them the projects that were ready for delivery.

It took the team about a week to set up at their new locations and start to work remotely. We quickly mastered an online work style and began to hire specialists from other countries, which greatly expanded our horizons and opportunities!

Relaunching our operations was not easy, we were all under enormous stress with no understanding of what was going on and what might happen tomorrow. Nevertheless, we managed to focus on the only stable thing that we all had in common, our work at Aspect. In 10 days, we were up and running.

We are grateful to all our clients who renewed our cooperation despite all the uncertainty and unpredictability. We appreciate your loyalty and trust!

You may have heard that the Chinese word for “crisis” is made up of two hieroglyphs for “danger” and “opportunity.” We try to practice this philosophy: in difficult times do not lose hope and continue to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, with a candle if needed!

Now we are reloaded, stronger than ever and ready for new challenges!