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14 August 2020

Interview with in-house expert: Head of Translation Department

This post starts a new topic in our blog! We at Aspect believe that a strong team is what makes the difference. We value each of our team members and want you to know more about them too. Today we are happy to introduce Tatiana Rashevskaya to you! Let’s go…

Hello Tania, I understand you are the head of the Translation and Editing Department. Thank you for accepting our invitation today. Can we take a few moments to learn more about other aspects of your life? What would you like to start with?

Tania: Hi, there! First, I would like to mention that this is my first real interview and I want to thank you for you taking interest in what I’m doing. At the moment, I combine two main roles; I am a proud mother of a ten-year-old girl named Irina and the team lead of translators and revisers at Aspect. As for my career path, everything seems very much logical and predetermined: student of translation and interpreting department, university assistant lecturer, post-graduate student, university lecturer, freelance translator, in-house reviser, and finally senior reviser. Everything looks rather ordinary and typical, but honestly it was not always very smooth and seamless. Some people may think that I am a lucky person, which is obviously not true. In order to become a professional means years and years of hard work and constant studies. I am not ashamed to admit I experienced both successes and failures in my career. At times I felt desperate and simply didn’t know what to do, but I always followed my childhood dream which was to become a translator and interpreter. I am always keeping up to date with my continuing education.

How long have you worked at Aspect and do you remember your first working day?

Tania: I’ve worked at Aspect for almost 7 years. I started end of July 2013 as a freelance translator and reviser. Although I was working full-time at the university, I felt completely part of the team in the sense that I was included in all their parties and events. Of course, I remember my first day at the office, it was February 12th 2014. At that time our company was very young and we didn’t have any onboarding programs for new employees like we have presently. As a result, I was shown my working space and at 9 o’clock sharp, I began working! During my probation period I had to combine working at Aspect with my university position as I had a contract till the end of August. I worked three and a half days a week at the office and the rest of the time I taught my students English. Although it was very demanding, I enjoyed it as I was doing what I really liked. Looking back, I remember those fun times in which I was so motivated and passionate about my new dream job and so happy with my new professional team. Trust me when your dream finally comes true it’s priceless!

Which of your expectations were met?

Tania: When I first met our founder and today COO, Elena Kirsanova in February of 2013, what appealed to me was when she talked to me about her young company and her dream to build a strong global competitive company of professionals aiming at constant growth and continuous development. It was exactly what I was searching for. I never had a single doubt that together we would achieve our common goals. The biggest surprise so far is our great team exceeding all possible expectations. I believe that our biggest asset is the team we have created over the years. We can be proud of our accomplishments and I would like to thank our executive team, Elena and Tino, for having created such an atmosphere of trust, respect, and loyalty towards the team.

If you could meet your 15-year old self what would you say?

Tania: Being true to yourself is of great importance. Hard work and perseverance will lead you to success. Not letting other people’s opinions influence your choices and goals in life. Just keep the love in your heart, think of yourself and do whatever makes you feel happy, and live your life to prove to yourself that you are an extraordinary person.

What kind of projects are the most interesting for you to work on?

Tania: At the present moment, I work mostly on projects for Life Sciences and Media. Having a comparatively wide range of specializations, I prefer working on large challenging projects in new domains involving a big team of translators and revisers. I am very happy introducing new workflows and solving difficult tasks.

What can the client do to make you feel happy? What can your team do to make the client happy?

Tania: The client can make me feel happy with a large interesting project, or a continuous project line, while giving an opportunity of introducing an unusual workflow, using state-of-the-art CAT-tools, or using creative approaches, designing style guides, creating perfect translation memories and term bases. My team can make the client happy offering quality solutions and great communication within the whole process.

If one of your CAT-tools became alive and you needed to spend a month with it in a closed house, which program would you choose and why?

Tania: Haha! What a tricky question! I guess I would choose MemoQ, because it has a Zen button 😉 Honestly, if I had a chance to spend a month on my own in a closed house, I would rather choose reading books, studying Italian, exercising, meditating, and cooking tasty healthy meals.

Fishing or riding a bike?

Tania: I enjoy doing both, but riding a bike is my passion! Who taught you to ride a bike? Who did you manage to teach riding? Tania: I believe that all people can ride a bike but not all of them know about that! As a teenager, I didn’t have my own bike. Sometimes I borrowed my father’s old bike but it was too big for me and I had to jump onto it from the curb, and sometimes I was lucky to borrow either my friend’s bike, or her elder brother’s one. I got my first bike when I was thirty years old. I had to learn to ride it almost from scratch because I then found a new passion – a so called ‘flash cross’, it is a kind of cycling competition, combining a quest game, sport orienteering, quizzes, and photography. So, no matter how old you are your dreams must come true! My daughter shares my passion; she is a lucky young girl since she already has her own nice bike and loving parents who have taught her how to ride.

Will you show this interview to your daughter?

Tania: Yes, for sure! My daughter is very proud of her mom and she’s interested in everything I do. I always try to lead her by my own example.

Do you agree with the statement that to translate is like to ride a bike – you never forget it? Or maybe you need to constantly work on your skills?

Tania: I believe that no matter what you do, you need to continue learning. If you used to ride a bike fifteen years ago, it would be arrogant to consider that you are able to participate in competitions, as your muscles will be weak without training. Without practicing you will definitely have lack of power, endurance, stamina as well as lack of reaction. The same with translation, to be a competitive professional you should always be aware of what is relevant for the market, what CAT-tools or technology are in demand, what are the main industry requirements and expectations. Furthermore, you should regularly practice your language skills as without practice you can lose your vocabulary, style, and grammar knowledge even faster than you can imagine. Like I said this profession requires you constant learning and developing, but the most important is that you have to be curious for new knowledge and enjoy the learning process otherwise you will be unhappy and tired of it.

Thank you! Enjoy your day and see you at Aspect!

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