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Pharmacological Research

We help pharmacological laboratories remove language barriers and negate ambiguity

Pharmacology is the branch of science relating to drugs and medicines. It is the study of the preparation, qualities and uses of drugs; and the science of dealing with the effect of drugs on living organisms. Pharmacology encompasses drug composition, properties, synthesis and drug design.

We help pharmacological laboratories to remove language barriers between the foreign divisions and effectively communicate to achieve the great results in their mutual research.

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Subject matters

  • behavioural and physiological effects
  • biological transformations
  • chemical properties
  • derivation
  • drug composition/design/properties/synthesis
  • subcellular, systemic, physiological, behavioural processes
  • therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses


  • instructions for use
  • academic papers
  • patient leaflets
  • dosing labels
  • articles in medical journals
  • presentations
  • posters
  • press releases etc.