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Manufacturing & Automation

We help leading manufacturing and engineering companies compete in global markets

This field includes: Automation, Electronics, Packaging and Plant. 

Before we undertake a translation project, we ensure we understand the vertical, the target audience, the subject-matter and client’s requirements. Manufacturing covers a plethora of verticals, so during the past 6 years, we have created translation teams consisting of translators and editors specific to their expertise. 

We routinely translate the most complex of manufacturing projects into 15 Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages.

Subject matters

  • transport engineering
  • oil & gas industry
  • electric engineering
  • metallurgy
  • construction engineering
  • food industry
  • packaging industry
  • power engineering



  • installation & maintenance documentation
  • technical certificates
  • design & process documentation
  • technical standards
  • technical reports
  • specifications
  • manuals
  • drawings