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Legal Translation Service

In legal documents every word matters. Why, sometimes even a single comma may be of utmost importance.

When it comes to legal document translation, the amount of such intricacies and fine points may snowball with every new passage into something only a seasoned expert can handle.

Legal Translation for Individuals

Everyone deals with legal documents on a regular basis, and as soon as you begin to interact with foreign companies, organizations or authorities you need to have them translated.

  • Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates
    Despite the fact that these documents are highly standardized and include a limited amount of information, their translation should be provided by an expert versed in official wordings in both source and target language.
  • IDs and academic papers
    In many countries name transliteration should follow established official rules that may change over time. As to the subjects, courses and degrees, only a linguist who specializes in education can accurately render these in the target language ensuring there is no overlapping with related concepts or possibilities of misunderstanding.
  • Official statements and records
    The official verbiage may be difficult to understand even in your native language. Professional translations take into account both the meaning and the way it is conveyed. Thus, the phrasing of the translated document will comply with the conventions of the target language.
  • Medical records
    In this domain a medical translator may be engaged as well since highly-specialized knowledge is usually required. In addition to legal translation our company offers linguistic services in the medical and healthcare industry, so we always have experts in various fields of medicine available.
  • Deeds, wills and affidavits
    Legal translation of these documents is performed by the linguists with deep knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal systems and theory. Since the legal system of the source language is often different from the one of the target language, the choice of correct terms and understanding of their implications are essential.
  • Litigation documents
    Judiciary systems also vary by country, and the solid knowledge of legislation, procedures and practices in jurisdictions of both source and target languages is required.

Legal Translation for Businesses

In the corporate world the types of documents requiring legal translation are even more numerous.

  • Contracts, license agreements, terms and conditions
    Our linguists specializing in contract law translation have vast experience in the field and pay close attention to detail. Whether you have a large agreement or a short disclaimer for translation, you need to look no further.

    If you manufacture technologically advanced products whose specifications are included in legal documents, our technical translation experts will ensure correct terminology in the target language.

    For IT businesses and online services we offer legal translation of terms and conditions, privacy policies, data use policies and other documents related to the data protection legislation such as GDPR. One of the other domains our company specialize in is IT and telecommunication, so any content requiring pertaining expertise can be checked by a linguist who provides professional translations in that field.

  • Patents, intellectual property
    Patent translation is a very specific field since it requires linguists who are well-versed in its numerous conventions and verbiage while specializing in the relevant technical area.
  • Certificates, permits and registration documents
    Professional translation of these documents is necessary for almost any type of international business. In addition to knowledge of relevant regulations and industry-specific terminology the linguist needs an extensive experience and deep understanding of the field.
  • Litigation and arbitration documents
    Linguists working with these documents need experience in different fields of law since their scope may include concepts and terminology from extremely specific fields.
  • Compliance documents, regulations
    Ensuring compliance of foreign subsidiaries or partners can be a difficult task. Having translated policies and documentation in place may play a crucial role in success.
  • Financial, tax and accounting documents
    Our linguists providing translation service in this domain have deep knowledge of the relevant industry terminology and best practices. Translation of these documents is closely related to our financial translation services.
  • Official correspondence
    Correspondence with foreign companies or authorities often requires legal translation as well. This translation service may be very time-sensitive, and we always take it into account.

We Understand the Legal Industry

Our team of linguists who specialize in legal translation has profound expertise and extensive experience. With a keen eye for detail, each translator provides the highest quality that is essential in the domain.

Every legal translation is carefully checked and proofread by a reviewer to avoid even the slightest possibility of an error, typo, mistranslation or any accidental inaccuracies.

We work with all media: electronic and paper documents, images, audio and video. All information is kept confidential, which is absolutely necessary for legal translation. If you have any extra requirements for secrecy, we will integrate them into the workflow for your project.

Processes and Technology

Rigorous processes and workflows adopted by our company further ensure consistent quality. Various procedures of quality control eliminate the possibility of human error. Following industry standards and best practices, we deliver professional translations for every order – be it a large set of documents or just one word.

A dedicated project manager will see that all your needs and requirements are taken into account. If you have some reference materials and need the translation to match them – from a name in a translated ID to a clause in a bilingual contract – we will keep consistency with what was translated before.

We know that in some cases time is key. You may be sure that your legal document translation will be delivered on time, even when the deadline is tight.

With state-of-the-art technology, we can offer ultimate quality combined with cost efficiency. Translation memories and term bases in CAT tools ensure:

  • Consistency between documents and projects to avoid even minor differences
  • Approved terms use to guarantee that a correct terminology is maintained throughout the project
  • Easy on-boarding of new team members to provide for project team scalability
  • Leveraging existing translations to save time and money

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