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Information Technology

Covers anything from mobile applications to complex and large-scale enterprise software

We have the resources, structure, production process, editing and QA expertise in 15 Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages to help clients by expertly translating the following four categories:


Covers anything from computer components to complex systems.


The interface of the software that helps users perform specific tasks such as accountancy, banking, production processes, energy distribution, food distribution, research & development, email, telecommunications, national archives & libraries and weather prediction.

Apps & Plugins

Downloadable software, prevalent in daily life on computers, tablets and phones. Available in 1000’s of subjects, from insurance, workout programs, shopping, taxis, music streaming to banking. 

Internet Security

Tremendously important in the battle against prying eyes and hacking.  Amazing advances in algorithms, plus anti-virus and anti-phishing updates launched several times per day continue to combat loss of individual and corporate privacy. We translate about 1,000,000 words per year of software strings for the Internet Security Industry.

Subject matters

  • web applications
  • internet security 
  • user interface
  • computer engineering
  • information systems
  • cloud solutions



  • software user manuals & handbooks
  • troubleshooting guides
  • software & hardware development magazines
  • hardware description manuals & user guides
  • functional descriptions 
  • technical specifications