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Game Translation & Localization Service

Your game has been designed and developed by experts. It should be localized the same way.

We don’t just offer game translation service. We take care of the overall player experience. Every aspect of your narrative, every phrase of your characters will come across to the international audience.

We understand the game industry

It may seem that any linguist who is passionate about games would be able to deliver professional translations. Actually, it takes much more than that. In addition to being a gamer, each member of our game localization team has a substantial software localization experience and extensive background knowledge in games and other entertainment media. So allusions and Easter eggs your screenwriters and game designers take pride in will safely appear in translation.

If cultural differences come into play, we’ll find a way to solve even the most intricate issues and help you avoid the acid comments local streamers so indulge in when spotting even the slightest discrepancies in game translation.

By the way, if you characters use jargon, prefer slang or like to show off with elevated epic-style phrases, it isn’t a problem. With our game localization agency, they’ll continue to do just that – but in a different language.

We pay special attention to the UI as well. One of the widespread issues is too long target strings since in different languages the same text naturally takes different space. It often results in truncations or the need to abbreviate, which impairs user experience.

The expertise and extensive knowledge of industry benchmarks the linguists of our game localization company have, guarantee that we always can find a way to keep the UI concise and intuitive.

It takes all genres

With the abundance of game genres and types these days, the industry terminology becomes more and more diverse. But you may rest assured: our game translation company has experience with hardcore, midcore, casual and – more recently – hypercasual games from RPG to match-three.

Some genres we deal with:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Action-adventure
  • RPG
  • Strategies (real-time and turn-based)
  • Idle
  • Simulations

This is not to mention the endless sub-genres and cross-genres. Modern games are often unique in many ways and won’t fall into a strict category, whatever the number of tags added on Steam.

You may have an MMO world with a wide range of races and elaborate crafting system or an idle game with almost no words – our game localization language agency will render it in the target language according to your audience’s expectations.

Games are everywhere

Talking about games industry the first thing everyone thinks of is video games. But we cover other types of games as well.

If you have a board game with the most complicated rules, our linguists will provide a professional translation with clear wording that will help the players at the initial phase.

If you decided to gamify four products or services – a step that proves to be ever more feasible – we would be happy to localize them. And it does not matter if the subject field is education, sales, machine tools or something else that requires specialized knowledge: we will reinforce the team with the domain expert.

Release is just the beginning

Solutions we offer for video game translation cover not only in-game texts. We will help you with all the content that may need to be localized:

  • Press kits
  • Social media posts (including subtitling for vlogs)
  • Store descriptions and other information for platforms
  • Internal documents

If you need continuous game translation service for regular updates, we’ll find the most convenient way to deliver it when and how you please.


We use state-of-the-art technologies throughout our processes:

  • CAT tools that all the key players in the industry rely on
  • Translation memories to keep consistency and ensure easy team member on-boarding
  • Term bases for precision and consistency

With our own MemoQ Server, we can support most resource formats and opportunities for automation. Our game localization team has extensive experience with most popular translation systems, such as Crowdin, Memsource and SDL Trados, as well as with some exotic CMSs.

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