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Financial Translation Service

With ever increasing adoption of advanced technology, continually updated regulations and changing market conditions, modern finance services industry evolves at a pace that is difficult to catch up with.

Financial translation reflects this rapid development. Each new term and concept sooner or later has to be translated into other languages, and some domains such as FinTech or healthcare insurance require linguists who are proficient in multiple subject fields.

Our Expertise in Financial Translation

We have experienced linguists who specialize in various sub-domains of financial translation. Be it an account statement, prospectus or annual report, they will provide world-class translation with in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

Impeccable accuracy goes without saying. But do you know what exactly ensures it?

  • Correct terminology. Financial terminology translation is a task requiring extensive experience and knowledge. That the same term can have more than one possible translation depending on the field it is used in. Sometimes differences may be quite subtle and mean nothing to a layman.
    Other terms may not have an established translation at all. In this case finding a good and concise way to translate them is especially important since the new translation may become widespread later on.
  • Faithfulness to the source. In standard financial document translation, there is no place for assumptions, interpretations or transcreation. Sometimes this requirement may result in target language being less clear and fluent because rendering all facets of meaning tends to make the text overloaded. Our skilled linguists always ensure that wording in the target is as clear as it is in the source.
  • Holistic approach. Our professional translations take into account the whole document or set of documents in the current project. This approach ensures that the context is always considered.
    Another benefit of this approach is consistency. Even if a term has several possible translations, all of them being correct in the context, inconsistency may confuse the reader. Using the same translation throughout the document is essential to avoid any ambiguity.

To stay on top of the industry developments and updates in terminology our linguists constantly learn new concepts and terms that emerge in all sub-domains of the industry.

Sub-Domains We Work with

Financial services industry comprises of multiple fields. Here are some of the sub-domains we work with.

  • Insurance. From policies to underwriting documentation, our language experts ensure accuracy and clarity. If your content facing end clients is designated a specific level of comprehension difficulty, we will carefully keep it in the translation. In addition, since our company also specializes in medical translation, in healthcare insurance we can professionally tend to medical as well as financial language.
  • Investment. From annual reports to prospectuses and documents related to the most exotic instruments, the information your stakeholders need will be translated professionally and on time.
  • Banking. From various statements and reports to agreements and minutes, the expertise of our linguists in this subject matter makes them a valuable asset on any translation project. If legal language is involved, you may still rest assured that the quality is maintained since one of the specialty fields of our company is legal translation service.
  • Accounting. From tax reports to balance sheets, we translate accounting documentation prepared according to IFRS or other international standards.

Of course, there are some more narrow fields requiring specialized knowledge. A good example here is modern trader jargon. Its professional translation may be done only by a linguist who is an expert on trading.

Financial Software Localization

Nowadays software is an essential part of the financial services industry. Online banking, EAM and accounting systems, trading platforms, all of them require professional translation and localization in order to reach international clients.

Our company specializes in software localization. We have experience with large and complicated projects involving financial platforms and suites of tools. Our linguists have extensive knowledge in localization intricacies and best practices as well as in financial translation.

Where Words Matter as much as Numbers

We know that for some content the message and tone are as important as accurate meaning. For example, in collaterals for private banking, marketing emails or educational publications for shareholders you need a linguist who is a skilled wordsmith understanding human psychology as well as a professional in financial language. We have such experts able to render the most fine and delicate shades of meaning and tone to put your message across in a target language.

Processes and Technology

Rigorous processes and workflows adopted by our company further ensure consistent quality. Various procedures of quality control eliminate the possibility of human error. Following industry standards and best practices, we deliver professional translations for every order – be it a large set of documents or just one word.

A dedicated project manager will see that all your needs and requirements are taken into account. If you have some reference materials and need the translation to match them – from a name in a translated ID to a clause in a bilingual contract – we will keep consistency with what was translated before.

We know that in some cases time is key. You may be sure that your financial document translation will be delivered on time, even when the deadline is tight.

With state-of-the-art technology, we can offer ultimate quality combined with cost efficiency. Translation memories and term bases in CAT tools ensure:

  • Consistency between documents and projects to avoid even minor differences
  • Approved terms use to guarantee that a correct terminology is maintained throughout the project
  • Easy on-boarding of new team members to provide for project team scalability
  • Leveraging existing translations to save time and money

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