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We help pharmacological laboratories remove language barriers and negate ambiguity

At the heart of pharmacy is care about people. Every discovery, every advance is made with people in mind. The field is flourishing and the volume of documentation on pharmacology, pharmacovigilance and drug manufacturing is on the rise. Research in the area of pharmacology is actively conducted and huge funds are invested in the development of the industry.
New drugs continually enter the world pharmaceutical market. Each and every of them goes through sophisticated procedures of verification, testing and approval to ensure safety and quality. And then comes another step where a very specialized expertise is needed — translation of patient leaflets and instructions for use into the languages of importing countries. Here you need linguists who are as committed to care about people as scientists and process chemists.
Our company entrusts pharmaceutical translation only to certified specialists. Many of them are doctors and have PhD degrees in medical or pharmaceutical science. Our medical translators continuously improve their qualifications and always use current versions of international standards, such as GMP, GCP, GLP and pharmacopoeias.
Pharmaceutical translation provided by our top localization company is known for accuracy and scientific style. Accuracy is what matters the most, since the patient’s life often depends on it. Beside specific industry terminology, our pharmaceutical translators are well-versed in chemical nomenclature terms and abbreviations.
Pharmacy comprises various fields: drug development, production, control and disposal, as well as safe and effective use of drugs. Documents produced in each of them have distinct linguistic requirements. Language can be patient-oriented or expert-oriented, so we take additional care to preserve the original style and tone.
Professionals working for our certified translation agency specialize in translation of the following documents:
• In-process, preclinical and clinical testing of drugs and vaccines
• Instructions for use intended for experts, patient leaflets and summaries of product characteristics (SmPC)
• Information on drug’s chemical composition and material safety data sheets
• Quality and compliance certificates for drug products and raw materials
• Reference materials on pharmacology
• Package of documentation for drug approval
• Licenses of pharmaceutical companies and licenses for drug products
• Documentation on drug manufacturing validation and pharmacovigilance, etc.

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Subject matters

  • behavioural and physiological effects
  • biological transformations
  • chemical properties
  • derivation
  • drug composition/design/properties/synthesis
  • subcellular, systemic, physiological, behavioural processes
  • therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses


  • instructions for use
  • academic papers
  • patient leaflets
  • dosing labels
  • articles in medical journals
  • presentations
  • posters
  • press releases etc.

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