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Pharmaceutical Industry

Our translations of instructions and packaging facilitate clarity to over a million patients

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals licensed for use as animal or human medications. 

We accurately translate over three millions of words per year for the pharmaceutical industry into 15 Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. Why? Because lives depend on us!

The head of our Pharmaceutical Translation and Editing Dept. has a PhD in Internal Medicine. This expertise, coupled with our additional subject-matter experts, enables us to help our clients negate risk and shorten their time-to-market. 

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Subject matters

  • compliance & regulation
  • licencing
  • marketing content
  • patenting testing
  • safety and efficacy
  • summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)


  • batch certificates
  • certificates of analysis
  • manufacturing process reports
  • manufacturing site inspections
  • validation documents
  • GMP documents

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