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Manufacturing & Automation

We help leading manufacturing and engineering companies compete in global markets

Is activity of your company or business closely related to manufacturing and industry? Do you puzzle over the way how to take your finished products to foreign markets and conquer a niche there? Order a high-quality translation in our company completed within short terms and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

We quickly perform correct and accurate translations of any volume in the areas of automation, electronics, packing, and production. But first, before our team of experts starts working on your project, we study in details a specific nature of the industry and customer requirements. That is why we are able to overcome the most difficult manufacturing projects featuring domain-specific terminology.

Our scope of translation services

Today we are ready to offer you high accuracy translations for the following industries:

·                   Transportation and mechanical engineering.

·                   Oil and gas industry.

·                   Ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry.

·                   Construction engineering and equipment.

·                   Food and light industry.

·                   Power engineering and energy conservation.

·                   Finished product packaging.


Our team has gained a wealth of experience in translating such documents as:

·                   Equipment installation and maintenance instructions.

·                   Technical certificates.

·                   Process design documents.

·                   Various kinds of standards and reports.

·                   Finished product features and specifications.

·                   Guidelines, annotations and explanatory notes to drawings, drafts, and figures.

In our team we practice a complex approach to executing translations. We have specialists who focus on providing accuracy and preserving semantic meaning, while others concentrate on the correct construction of phrases to deliver a simple and fluent translation. Every translation is finally reviewed then to let you receive perfectly executed documents in the field of production and automation.

Subject matters

  • transport engineering
  • oil & gas industry
  • electric engineering
  • metallurgy
  • construction engineering
  • food industry
  • packaging industry
  • power engineering


  • installation & maintenance documentation
  • technical certificates
  • design & process documentation
  • technical standards
  • technical reports
  • specifications
  • manuals
  • drawings

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